Let’s just say subtly isn’t Paul George’s thing. He wants out. In the 2nd game of the playoffs, George has blasted his teammate Lance Stephenson just days after criticising other teammates CJ Miles and Myles Turner.

It is growing more obvious that Paul George, who becomes a free agent next summer, is getting more and more frustrated with his teammates and is orchestrating a timely exit away from Pacers.

The Pacers are facing a possible sweep in the first round of the playoffs against Cleveland Cavaliers and post game PG1 has some words about teammate Lance Stephenson’s behaviour

“Lance is, in our locker room, looked upon as a leader, one of our leaders, so his body language has to improve. Lance is an emotional guy, and a lot of it is just his heart and his competitiveness…. he’s just got to channel that and put it towards making effort plays on the court and doing whatever he needs for us to succeed.”

When talking about Myles Turner

“We just need him to challenge Tristan [Thompson], keep him off the boards,” George said of the 21-year-old Turner. “He needs to make himself available down low in the post. He needs to know at this point he has to take it to the next level. We’ll continue to work with him.’

Whilst you can argue that Paul George is just being a vocal leader, you have to admit its a bit out of character especially, as he stayed quiet last season when he almost single-handedly  took on Toronto Raptors.

In game 1 of the playoffs Paul George wanted to take the final shot when the Indiana Pacers fell short against the Cleveland Cavaliers in their first-round playoff matchup. He was so ticked about it, he aired his issues in the post-game press conference inadvertently threw CJ Miles under the bus.

video source, Ximo Pierto youtube

On the final possession of the contest, George had the ball with the Pacers trailing 109-108. He gave it up, expecting to get it back. Instead, C.J. Miles drove and pulled up for a 15-foot jumper that missed.

Paul George is an All Star, he’s a big time star its also his 7th year with Indiana. However, itis becoming more obvious that PG1 is unhappy with his supporting cast. Despite changes during the offseason, the Pacers have limited resources to drastically improve the team this summer and limited time to do so, with George’s free agency rapidly approaching. Reports have suggested that PG1 is ready to play in his hometown of Los Angeles.

What a coincidence because Magic Johnson was just on AM570 radio talking about bringing a superstar to Los Angeles.

‘This town and this team, the Lakers, has always had a superstar. And a guy who the fans fall in love with, a guy who also makes his teammates better. And that’s what we’re going to try to bring in here.’”

Let’s see how this plays out.

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