Welcome to The Alley-oop Londoner!
I’m Jud and I was born and raised in London and I started this blog because I am a NBA FANATIC!
I’m more of a rookie in this field because I didn’t really grow up in this sport and I play the sports but  not extensively even though I’m tall (enough). However, I do love the game of basketball and the business of the NBA. I know there are quite a few who share the same love for the sports as I do.
In the UK there isn’t much focus on this sport in comparison to others although they are gradually introducing it here via The NBA Global Games, BT Sport  and of course we have the British Basketball League.
So, I decided to create this website to share my love of the NBA and basketball with the UK!
Find everything you want to know about the NBA here on Alley oop Londoner.
Your source for  bringing the NBA to the UK!
*Please note all images are not my own – various sources
* ALLEY-OOP * Basketball terminology
                           * Alley oop pass
                           * A high pass caught by a leaping teammate who tries to
                             dunk the ball before landing: (Oxford dictionaries)
* Londoner *  Not basketball terminology
                     * Someone who was born and raised in the English capital
                            city that is London ( urban dictionary ) haha
Check out the best alley oops of the 2012-2013 season
*last clip is DeAndre Jordan (LA Clippers)
                          LET’S BALL

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