Lakers renovate front office personnel

Only two days away from Thursday’s NBA trade deadline, the 19-39 Los Angeles Lakers replaced one of the most successful executives in franchise history, Mitch Kupchak, and added one of its greatest players, Earvin “Magic” Johnson. Magic Johnson was named Lakers' President of basketball operations and will be in charge of executive decisions in regards … Continue reading Lakers renovate front office personnel

NBA & President Trump 

Since the inauguration of President Trump *shivers* a few NBA players and coaches reacted to their new Head of State. Prior to their game, Spurs' coach Gregg Popovich answered a question from a reporter regarding his thoughts on the various women’s marches that took place earlier in the day all over the world in … Continue reading NBA & President Trump 

NBA & The Obamas

It's been an honour Mr President. It's no secret that Barack Obama has a great relationship with the NBA and basketball in general. Not surprising, Obama lived and worked in Chicago when Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls, who won six championships thus making him a dedicated Chicago Bulls fan. Obama has made no secret that he … Continue reading NBA & The Obamas